- A systematic approach to betting on all weather racing

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Portfolio of proven, profitable All Weather systems
All bets are to Betfair SP meaning odds are easily achievable
No backfitting involved in the creation of any of the systems
Daily email sent at the same time every day

Best value for money service around at just 179.99 per year
No chasing losses or staking plans. Level stakes only
Bets can be placed on your behalf via Auto Tipster bot
Selections also available via SMS text

30 day free trial with no obligation to subscribe afterwards
Good range of systems in portfolio ensures diversity
All bets proofed in advance to Racing Index and SBC
Personal, friendly service


1085 bets
269 winners

Starting Bank
60.00 pts
Current Bank
85.70 pts

25.70pts profit
20.9% ROC
2.3% ROI



Mr Red Clubs
Betfair SP = 4.10

Betfair SP = 2.19

Betfair SP = 3.85

Storm Hawk
Betfair SP = 2.11


Who are

AWwinners is a service specialising in All Weather racing and specifically All Weather betting systems. We have undertaken extensive research into this area and as a result can employ a portfolio of proven AW systems that have proven to consistantly beat the market year on year. We simply send you the qualifiers of these systems each morning. We focus on All Weather racing as we beleive that is the best form of racing for system betting as it is regular, consistant and the same type of horses win over and over again.

Why should I subscribe?

At just 179.99 per year (or 99.99 per 6 months) I would like to feel the service offers great value for money.

The service has produced a 20% profit on your bank since the start of the service in March 2009. Compared to the single figure percentage you would have achieved in the same period at the top paying savings account or ISA that's a pretty decent investment return. That is also purely at Betfair SP prices with an assumed 5% commission. You can significantly improve those returns if taking early prices in the morning or even with a lower Betfair commission rate.

The service is incredibly easy to follow as all bets are level stakes win only and as the bets are profitable to Betfair SP there is no scrambling around for the best odds, you can place the bets at your leisure and there is no worrying about bookies restricting your bets or closing down your accounts.

How are your results calculated?

All the results quoted on this website are based on 1pt level stakes bets at Betfair SP with 5% commission taken.

Why use a portfolio of systems?

We use a portfolio of systems in the same way you would have a portfolio of investments in the financial markets. You wouldn't put all your money into just one investment and in the same way you shouldn't have just one system. By spreading the risk around with a variety of different systems you are protecting yourself from overly dramatic ups and downs as when one system is not performing another one will be and overall you will see your profit steadily climb upwards.

Why are you qualified to give me betting advice?

I already successfully run a highly respected football betting service which you may have heard of, Football Elite, which has made consistent profits year on year since 2006 and is regarded as one of, if not THE, best betting service out there. It has also earned a place in the coveted Hall Of Fame by the respected tipster review site the Secret Betting Club. I am hopeful that AWwinners will achieve the same status in the months to come.

How much do I have to pay?

For the first 30 days you pay nothing. It is simply a free trial for you to see if you like the service, to enable you to verify that the results are recorded accurately and to see if you would like to subscribe to the service long term. If not you simply cancel your subscription and that is it, nothing at all to pay. If you do want to carry on with us the subscription rate is just 99.99 per 6 months or 179.99 per 12 months whichever is best for you.

Please take some time to have a look around the site and read more about the service. Click here to start your 30 day free trial today.

Any question please dont hesitate to get in touch.




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